Asia Pole Champion Cup 2019 募集要項

-English below-

アジアNo.1のポールダンサーを決める”Asia Pole Champion Cup”の2019年の開催が決定いたしました。


3月1日  (金)エントリー開始
7月27日(土)  大会開催




・ポール2本 (スピニングorスタティックは選択可能)を使用
ポールの間 2700mm
ポールからステージ袖まで 2200mm

・1チーム チケットノルマ10枚
前売り価格 ¥6,000-(税込)



Asia Pole Champion Cup2019

Open to men and women, all nationalities

Entertainment skill, pole skill, as well as acrobatic skills needed, and scoring will be carried out on these three elements

Winners will receive Asia Pole Champiion Cup 2019 as well as prize money and prize.

This year we will be adding an Exhibition element in the competition “Asia Pole Champion Cup 2019” !

We are looking for performers to perform at the Exhibition showcase! Style of dance, nationality, formation, participant numbers are all up to you!

This is your chance to perform at Mt.Rainier Hall Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Open for:

10 performance entries

Solo, group, doubles, formation with no restriction

All styles of dance welcome

Preparation before and after performance including clearing the stage must be completed within the total of 2 mins maximum. No nudity, no usage of fire allowed.

Stage Information:

2 poles (You can choose whether to have them spinning or static or both)

Stage plan will be the same as APCC competition

One performance should not be longer than 5 mins

Participation Conditions:

Per a team, 10 tickets have to be purchased (advance ticket 6,000 JPY)


March 1st, 2019 Entry begins

There will be video judging

An entry form needs to be filled and show case type needs to be selected

April 10th, 2019 Entry closes

May 10th, 2019, Participants will be released

Saturday, July 27th, 2019, Day of competition and performance (rehearsals will be held on the same day)

Will be held at Mt.Rainier Hall Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.