If you would like to enter, please check judging criteria, as well as all the cautions and reminders.

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Conditions of Participation

All nationalities are welcome.

One must be 18 years and above on the day of the event, both male and female.

Competition Schedule

  • April 1st, 2018, Entry begins.
  • May 10st, 2018, Entry deadline, Entry Closes.
  • Around 2 weeks of judging processing period.
  • May 25th, 2018, Finalists will be announced
  • August 16th, 2018, Competition will be held at Mount Rainier Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
    (Rehearsals will be held on the day of the competition)


– Entry videos must be uploaded on “Vimeo.”

Rules and Requirements for Entry Videos

・Video must be within 3 – 4 mins in total.

・Both static and spinning poles must be used.

・Video must be recorded by a fixed stationary camera, and the video must not be edited.

・Video must be well lit, performer and poles must be clearly visible, with high definition.

・Video cannot be silent.

・Applicant’s body must fit within the video, and body parts cannot be cut off.

Competition Participation Fee


  • To be paid to our paypal account.

Entry Video Judging Process

Judges from outside of Japan will judge within around 2 weeks of judging period.

・There will be no judge feed backs for entry videos.

Entry Video Competition Rules and Scores

1. Performance

  • Performance must be within 4 mins.
  • Music must be handed in in the MP3 format, a month before the date of competition.
  • Music cannot be changed after handing it in.

2. Competition Performer

Only one performer is allowed per performance.

3. Props

Props cannot be used.

4. Costumes

  • Pasties, thongs, nor G strings are allowed.
  • No Heels, nor boots are allowed.

5. List of Grips

  •  iTacs, resins, resin sprays, guerillas and other types of adhesive grips are forbidden.
  •  If above listed grips or any adhesive type of grips are used at the competition, one will be disqualified immediately.

6. Poles

  • Pole Height: 3500mm
  • Pole Width: 4.5mm
  • Pole Material: Stainless
  • Stage Material: Linoleum

7. Stage Details

  • Poles to stage front: 1500mm
  • Poles to stage back: 2100mm
  • Between Poles: 2700mm
  • From poles to stage sides: 2200mm

– Truss that is supporting poles should not be touched.

– If touched, one will be disqualified immediately.

  • From stage looking down to the audience, stage left will be a static pole, stage right will be a spinning pole.

Competition Judging and Scoring Rules

– In this competition, one will be judged for entertainment factors and artistic presentation, which count for 50 points, and for acrobatic skills and pole dance skills covering other 50 points, all together totaling 100 points.

・ Entertainment Factor・・・10 points

A performance must draw the audience, as well as by communicating the audience, music, costume and dance must all result in a moving and dynamic presentation as a whole.

・Artistic Presentation of Choreography・・・10 points

Stability, fluidity, originality, on and off poles, with its contents matching well with the atmosphere.

・ Integrating Music・・・10 points

All movements must integrate well with the music and be precise. As the music reaches its peak with excitement and energy, one must reflect the music and perform so that the audiences can be moved.

・ Costume・・・10 points

Costumes must match the performance content.

・ Performer’s unique world view to be reflected onto the performance, storyline ・・・10 points

Storyline needs to be clear and whether the audiences are moved by the performance as a whole are the most important factors.

・ Acrobatic Skills・・・10 points

  • Stable acrobatic skills on poles, as well as on the floor are judged.
  • Even if the acrobatic tricks are high in technical levels, they must be stable and acted out as a performance within its storyline.

・ Pole Skills(Powerfulness)・・・10 points

It is important for tricks with strengths and power must be included within the performance with a good balance, however, it is also important for each trick to be held with certain length of time, as well as not running out of stamina.

・ Pole Skills (Flexibility and Beautiful line)・・・10 points

One must have certain level of flexibility, and beautiful lines must be maintained from tip of the hands down to toes. Tricks with high level of flexibility must be held for a certain length of time, and must be angled well.

・ Unpredictable Quality, Interesting Quality, and Originality of Tricks・・・10 points

Unpredictable quality of trick combinations, original routines, as well as interesting twists are judged.

・ Structure of Performance and Perfection・・・10 points

Overall balance is important with introduction, development, turn, and conclusion all need to be clear and dramatic.

Points Deduction and Disqualification

  1. Slip, Fall
    Obvious slip, fall, failing to do a trick within the performance will result in point deduction.
  2. Costumes Breaking
    We will ask the performer to stop one’s performance if body parts which should not be revealed are revealed or if it becomes too difficult for the performance to be continued.
    We will count part of the performance from the beginning to 10 seconds before costume trouble occurance and deduct points accordingly.
  3. Sexual Expression
    To touch certain parts of the body that suggest sexual acts, as well as indecent sexual expression will result in deduction of points.
  4. Grip Agents
    One will immediately be disqualified if one is found to be using grip agents that are forbidden as listed above.
  5. Truss
    For safety reasons, one should not touch truss that is used to hold up the poles in balance, and this includes hanging off the truss or any acts that involve touching the truss in any way.


  • A performer with highest score totaling all scores from 3 judges will win the competition and be positioned as a first winner.
  • At the award ceremony, 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner positions will be awarded.


  • The rights and ownership of all the photos, as well as videos taken at the competition will be held by the managements of the competition.  
  • If a competitor does not act according to the rules, or act problematic in anyways to the competition managements as well as other competitors, competition managements have all the rights to remove the competitor from the competition even if it is during the competition.
  • If one is found to have been taking drugs or alcohol, competition managements have all the rights to take away the qualification to entry  Entry now

    View judging-criteria as PDF file